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Tuesday, March 25th 2003, 6:23am

Fertilizer Rates for EZ-Green

I'm looking at purchasing an ez-green unit and have a question about fertilizer rates.

I currently fertilize using a dry fertilizer (3 applications of 30-5-10 and 16-25-13 in the fall). To get 1 pound of N per 1000 sq ft I need to apply about 4 pounds per 1000 sq ft 4 times per year. This comes out to about 480 pounds per year for my 30,0000 sq ft lawn.

It looks like the recommended fertilizer rate for ez-green is 5 tables per 1000 sq ft each month. This comes out to about 900 tablets per year for my 30,000 sq ft lawn assuming 6 months of fertilizing. 900 tables would weigh less than 25 pounds.

Is this correct? It does not seem possible that ez-green is 20 times more potent by weight than regular fertilizer. Also, based on these numbers it would appear that the ez-green system will pay for itself within a year (less is you consider the time savings).

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Tuesday, March 25th 2003, 2:23pm

In my opinion, I would think that the device would pay for itself in just a couple of uses. I can't give you exact details, because I have never even seen one of these in my irrigation career. I still do think that it would save time, and even money in the long run, such as a year, maybe even shorter time.

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