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Sunday, July 14th 2002, 12:32pm

spray volume

I have a Toro system, 10 zones, each with 4 Super 700 rotors, fed from a well. My pump does not run continuously as it should while watering, and my well man says I should try changing nozzles, so that more water is applied and the tank pressure does not build up enough to cycle the pump off. All nozzles are now 3.0 gpm. Does increasing to 4.5 gpm or even higher sound like a good fix?


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Sunday, August 18th 2002, 9:59am

Yes , or you can add more heads per zone or you can install a T fitting in the main line @ the pump with a 1/2" threaded line out of T to release some water as well as connecting a pipe to the 1/2" and install a head spraying it back into pond or water source.

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