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Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 6:20pm

pressure switch hooked to irrigation system

I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of using a pressure switch to turn on the irrigation pump instead of a pump start relay. I came across this the other day at a house and it didn't seem like it would work right. It is hooked up to the pump and the 1/4 nipple is in the pvc between the pump and the valves. The owners said that a irrigation guy put this in for them and it worked for a short time but now is not working very well. My thought was that the pump would burn up or the pressure switch would burn up for too much use. Does that make sense?


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Thursday, October 31st 2013, 12:17am

there needs to be a check valve on the suction side of the pump, and a pressure tank (it can be a small one) on the outlet of the pump, where the pressure switch should be located - the combination equals the setup for every well water supply you will find in a home not on city water - it is a very reliable way to feed a sprinkler system

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