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Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 6:41pm

another febco 765 3/4" pvb question

I live in kingwood Texas - which utilizes the city of Houston (coh) water supply and their operating pressures and parameters (I have no idea what they may be). I have now installed two (2) febco 765 3/4" pvb's. thought the 1st to be bad due to the amount of water I had going everywhere after I made all connections. took the 1st back, obtained credit, got the 2nd and installed it. water everywhere (again) - the bonnet (or top) & the testcock ports (blew the plugs out of sight).

is there a special method, trick to this installation that I am missing? everything was clean before the installation (I am meticulous about doing so), filled the lines, clearances are all correct, eased open the supply from the coh (I have an irrigation meter for the sprinkler system and pool). would absolutely love to know how to get the pvb to function correctly with valves open and NO water spraying. thanks

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Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 8:17pm

The trick is to use a flat screwdriver and close the testcocks.

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