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Tuesday, June 25th 2013, 3:52pm

"FUS" from


What does the blinking FUS code mean?
A. - The controller may have
detected an overload of the
amperage allowed (For example, a
shorted solenoid, a shorted wiring
or a high end surge or spike).
How to reset the FUS code on a
Rain Dial Controller?
If the “FUS” warning does not go
away after pressing either the Plus
(+) or Minus (-) Buttons, follow the
instructions below:
1. While the controller is
power-up, disconnect the
“Ribbon Cable” from the socket on the terminal board.
2. Disconnect the 9 volt battery.
3. Set the “PROGRAM” switch to “B”
4. Set the “MODE” Switch to Set Program (Middle) position between “OFF &
5. Hold down the “MANUAL” button while reconnecting the ribbon cable.
6. Reset Current Time.

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