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Saturday, May 25th 2013, 8:13am

Should I just get the torch and heat the poly?
If you don't already have a torch, I might suggest In lieu of one of those big torches with a big bottle of gas on it like the pros or a plumber might use, you might consider a little torch called a micro torch from Harbor Freight. 9$. You can't ruin the poly so easily with one of these but you do have to be careful no matter the case.

The little torch runs on butane. Go to the tobacco store and get one of those small containers of butane that's used to refill cigar lighters for 4$ to fill the micro torch with.

This thing is perfect for the DIYer that doesn't need a big torch. It has a fairly small flame that is adjustable and is easy to use. Just keep the flame moving all the time then give the fitting a go. This thing was great for installing my whole system and I didn't melt the pipe, not even once.

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