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Monday, March 18th 2002, 4:34pm

RainBird free designs have different part numbers?

I had Rain Bird layout my sprinkler system for me and the valves called for are 3/4" Rain Bird Automatic Valve, APAS-075 or CP-075 or CPF-075. I noticed you did not have these. Is there another valve I can use instead?

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Monday, March 18th 2002, 4:35pm

Rain Bird always assumes you are going to use residential grade (home improvement store) sprinkler parts so they provide the item numbers for such. We sale the same items only in professional series or commercial grade quality just like a professional contractor would install in your yard. The quality difference is significant but we sell the items to you at a cost at or below what you would expect to pay for the residential grade products!

The answer to your question is the following valves are replacements for the valves you have listed:
Residential = Professional
APAS-075 = 075-ASVF
CP-075 = 075-DV
CPF-075 = 100-DVF (1" version)

Here is the link to the Rain Bird valves on our website:

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