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Monday, December 31st 2001, 6:08am

Filter For Control valve

Should I put in a filter before my control valves if im using lake water. If so, how big or small of a filter should I get for it?

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Tuesday, January 1st 2002, 12:01pm

Yes you should put a filter in the mainline after the pump but before the master valve or backflow prevention device. If you do not have a backflow prevention device or a master valve, you should put the filter before the mainline splits off to feed a zone valve (section valve). Furthermore, install on suction or discharge side of system. We suggest installing between the pump discharge and the reservoir tank if you are using a tank. Install on the discharge side to allow use of a purge valve for easy one step cleaning. Manifold two or more filters for applications with flow rates higher than 100 GPM.

The filter will help keep the valve screens, which are usually located in a valve on the diaphram, from clogging. It will also help keep debris from the lake from preventing the diaphram from sealing or completely closing and help keep nozzles and nozzle filters from clogging.

The type of filter to use is the Vu-Flow T Style Screen Filter. To see the filter and read more about how to corectly size the filter and screen mesh selection click on the following link and then click on the picture of the Vu-Flow filters:
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