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Wednesday, August 29th 2012, 8:19am

water guage

My potential installer is offering two hunter rain guages. One that sits in the gutter and one that mounts on side of house. He says one in gutter is wireless. So how would I get to change the battery if it's up in my gutter. What is the bst rain guage to use. Thank you.


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Wednesday, August 29th 2012, 10:37am

Insist on the Hunter Mini Clik.

The Wireless sensor is great for installers, but the project owner is guaranteed problems when the battery runs out. The Project owner can expect a service call for something that could have been avoided. I am not knocking Hunter, I like the Wire connections Only.

The wire connection is the only way to go.

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Wednesday, August 29th 2012, 1:19pm

I have the Toro wired version because it was much cheaper than wireless. Works great.

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