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Friday, August 10th 2012, 10:45am

Addition of new Patio

We are in the design stages of adding a new 375 sq ft patio in the backyard. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the mainline (and electrical wire) will end up in the way. Do I move the mainline out further so it goes around the patio, or take my chances on having the patio above the mainline and wire, or run the mainline and wire though a PVC pipe and keep it underneath the patio? Also, Is it easy to splice the wire (18-13!!) and extend it out?

Please help!


Friday, August 10th 2012, 11:03am

Ideally, move it.
If not practical and you can sleeve it then definitely do so.
Splicing the wire is no big deal. Use water proof connectors of the right size.

I've seen more than one pipe under concrete break causing expensive repairs.
I've also seen lines cut by the people putting in patios and pools.
The more protection the better.

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