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Saturday, July 21st 2012, 8:33am

black screw on thing fell off, now system won't turn off, HELP Please!

I was cutting away bushes that were growing around my irrigation pump, being careful not to cut the wires this time. I accidentally knocked off one of the two black plug things. Water came shooting out and my sprinkler heads started spraying water. I turned off the power at the switch that was nearby and managed to screw the black thing back on. (Sorry- I don't know ANY of the terminology.)

I tried lots of different things. Screwing it in over again, resetting the timer for when the system is supposed to come on, trying the manual test option, going from automatic to manual. I thought maybe the system needed to RESET.

It must be an easy fix. I just don't know what that is.

Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!




Saturday, July 21st 2012, 9:04am

black screw on thing fell off, now system won't turn of--HELP Please!

I figured out what was wrong. The solenoid plunger had fallen off. I put it back in and-- voila-- problem solved. Thanks to anyone who was in the process of answering my question when I posted this.

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