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Sprinkler Buddy

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Monday, July 2nd 2012, 5:54pm

:D with picture that small I can barely see ATV, not to mention your invention. Do you have it in different shades of green for perennial rye or KBG? J/k. Those who know what they're doing would not need any "buddies" ;)
Your certainly entitled to your opinion. Here in FL we must have a major lack of expert irrigation installers. Every Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, etc... carry 2-3 products of this sort. If they weren't selling they wouldn't be taking up valuable shelf space in these big box stores. It's not the expert irrigation installers that gets the call to fix a broken sprinkler head unless their system is still under warranty. It's the homeowner and lawn care professionals that are making the repairs in the long term of the system. Many experts cost too much for a service call for many folks.

Look at the many brands of sprinkler heads that are sold every year in these box stores. I would guess 95% of sales are for repairs, not for new installation. Poke fun at the Sprinkler Buddy if you want but it will grow to be a house hold name one day because their isn't a better product on the market for the $$$.

PS: I was joking about unqualified irrigation experts in FL, we have the most experts. The problem lies with the sprinkler head themselves. They aren't designed to take the abuse of our heavy commercial mowers. Ground conditions play the biggest role on how well they hold up when run over with tires. Some hold up very, very well, those that don't are the ones that need a Sprinkler Buddy.

If you happen to live where conditions are ideal and your system has been properly installed you may not have a need for the Sprinkler Buddy. If your not having to change out your sprinkler heads, you don't need a Buddy :)

Doesn't matter how big the picture is, you wouldn't see it, it installs below the cutting height and can only be seen once you get close to them as you would while mowing. "Get the picture?" ;)

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