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Saturday, June 2nd 2012, 8:39am

Backflow valve started blowing water out bottom of valve when sprinkler system shut down.

Sprinkler system shut off and water started flowing out bottom of backflow valve. When run sprinklers no water comes out bottom, only when sprinklers stop. What could be problem with backflow valve?



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Saturday, June 2nd 2012, 8:53am

We need more information. Can you post a picture of the backflow device?

Go to this site: Imageshack < Click on that.
Upload a picture then cut and paste the forum code here.
You don't need to sign up or give them an email addy.


Saturday, June 2nd 2012, 9:57am

Picture of Valve


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Saturday, June 2nd 2012, 3:43pm

RE: Picture of Valve

You have an RPZ, and they will vent from the bottom of the device when a valve shuts off suddenly. The venting will cease, unless there are other factors.

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