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Monday, April 2nd 2012, 8:44pm

Controller Problem

Hi everyone. I am installing an irrigation system for my home and so far have most of the piping in. I was having trouble with the valves and the controller so I replaced the valves (they were old anyway) and tried again. Seems my 4 zone system controller will turn on zones 2,3 and 4 but not zone 1. I tried switching the zones around in my controller and again zone 1 did not work. I think I need a new controller but was wondering if anyone had any ideas for me to try before I do so. I have replaced the fuse on the controller and also reset it. I bought the home as a foreclosure so I can't vouch for the age of the controller. So once again if I try to turn a zone on through zone 1 on my controller it won't work, but if i switch that same wire to zone 2 in my controller it turns on. Thanks!



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Monday, April 2nd 2012, 9:33pm

If you don't have a 5th terminal to move the wire to then you'll need a new controller or module depending on the model.


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Monday, April 2nd 2012, 9:43pm

It is an Orbit is only has a 4 zone controller. I was afraid that getting a new controller was the only option, but oh well. Thanks.

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