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Saturday, March 24th 2012, 7:04pm

3/4" vs. 1" valves

I installed (and have been running and maintaining) 15 irrigation zones for lawns, garden and fruit trees 20 years ago. All basically 3/4 PVC through 3/4" valves. I am adding 12 zones (two 6 valve manifolds) for new raised beds in the garden and a small vineyard. The main water supply line coming from the house is 3/4" PVC @ about 50 PSI. In the past I have built (and rebuilt) just gluing everything together at the bottom of the manifold. I just came across your "Dura-Valve-Manifold-Quad-Port" which looks like it would take some of the tedium out of building them. However, from what I can tell these only come in the 1" size. My questions:

1) Does it matter if the manifold plumbing is 1" being fed by my existing 3/4" supply?

2) If going into a 1" manifold doesn't matter should I go ahead and use 1" valves or put a reducer on top and use a 3/4" valve?


Monday, March 26th 2012, 7:42am

The manifold being 1" doesn't matter. Feel free to use.

As far as using 1" valves coming out, it's your call. Often you will use one size larger pipes and manifolds to reduce pressure loss through the system. You may gain a couple of psi using a 1" valve.

The manifolds sure make life easier. Big time saver.

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