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Friday, September 2nd 2011, 12:46pm

Help! No water.

Hello, from fabulous Las Vegas, NV.
My wife and I recently purchased a new home, with a drip sprinkler system installed. The sytem, consists of a Nelson EZ Pro jr. 8300 controller and a Weathermatic 12024EF-10-H control valve. I can use the hose, but cannot get any water out of the irrigation system.

What steps should I take, (besides calling a tech, because I'm broke: New Home:))or research to get my system running?


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Friday, September 2nd 2011, 3:44pm

Check to make sure the flow control is not closed on top of the valve (if it has one it will look like a a big X). Next step will be to manually turn on the valve with the little switch in front of and below the selonoid.

This will get you watering while you check other scenarios.

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