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Wednesday, August 31st 2011, 8:31am

Replaced Valve; Now Other Valves Not Working

Here's the facts:

> 5-zone system with 6 valves (Zone 2 is sprayer and has 2 valves)

> Zones 1 thru 4 operational; Zone 5 completely broken so I installed new pipe, heads, and replaced valve/solenoid

> Zone 4 and 5 valves tied into same wire nut on neutral/return

> After replacing Zone 5 valve, Zones 4 and 5 are fine from control box, but Zones 1 thru 3 valves aren't operating. Can push water thru the valves manually but not electronically.

Any advice?

I know I'm getting power because Zones 4 and 5 are working, and I know all the valves are getting water pressure. Could it be something wrong with my return wire? Or is it possible that when I replaced the valve on Zone 5 that debris from the exposed pipe could have backed up into the main line and ended up clogging valves 1 thru 3. If so, I would assume that Zone 4 valve would've also clogged up too?



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Wednesday, August 31st 2011, 10:55am

It sounds like there's one ground wire in common for valves ! 2 3 that's broken. Redo the wire connections. Look around and see if you can find where the three wires connect together into one ground wire.


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Wednesday, August 31st 2011, 11:30am

Thx dude!

I'll try it tonight. I'm hoping that the wiring is the issue. But if not, is It possible I contaminated the other valves?? I'm just dreading the possibility of taking all the valves apart.

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