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Sunday, August 7th 2011, 8:01am


?( :cursing: :cursing: My husband and I are tring to put in a new sprinkler system. The old system was a hunter and the new one is a rain bird. The rainbird won't turn on the pump so we tried to put the hunter system back in and it turns on the pump but the sprinklers won't work!!!! We are not able to find all the valves/cylonoids because they are under the ground and were covered up by sod. Also the system worked before we tried to change it out. But now won't woork at all please someone help me.

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Sunday, August 7th 2011, 10:59am

Sounds like when you replaced the controller, you got your wiring messed up.

There should be two wires that connect to your pump start/ Master Valve post in the controller. It also sounds like your common wire is not correctly connected to the common post.

Common wire is usually white in color.

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