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Thursday, August 4th 2011, 2:56pm

zone 2 looses pressure

Hi, We have had a sprinkler system going on 5 years, don't know what kind but we are pleased with it. About 1 1/2 month go zone 2 has lost all pressure. Zone 1 and Zone 3 work fine and run a 20 minute cycles and have full pressure. Zone 2 will usually not have enough pressure to pop up the spinkler heads and they just gurgle around the spinkler head. My husband has replaced most of the sprinkler heads, and the value system in the ground. It helped a little, they now can run about 5 minutes till they spurtter out and sprinkler heads go down. We here air in the line because it sputters. Is this a cracked pipe somewhere on this zone 2? and do we have to dig that zone up to find it? Thanks Tracy


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Thursday, August 4th 2011, 3:38pm

It does sound like you have a broken pipe. No pressure, and air entering the line.

Look around for leaks. It may not show to the surface immediatly. You can run the zone for a while and look for "water warts" under the grass, and muddy areas. If this still does'nt work. Then you may have to cap the sprinklers on the zone to "force" the water to the surface.

If al else fails..........then it may be best to call in a pro. :whistling:
I'm no expert..........YET! :D I just like to suggest things and learn... :thumbsup: See what the pro's have to say first.


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Thursday, August 4th 2011, 3:39pm

find the leak - fix the leak

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