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Matt Dildy

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Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 11:57am

just an idea

I am new to this forum and may be too opinionated and outspoken for my own good but so far loving it. I do enjoy educating homeowners every chance I get but thinking it would be cool if this forum had a "holy hell look what I found" subject line. a place for irrigation professionals to post pics of some plumbing/controller/wiring nightmare they came across. a "trophy case" so to speak of old irrigation products or one off long time vanished flashes in the pan. heck I am even fascinated by the difference in technique and material used in other regions since I am seeing a lot of irrigators on here from northern states. just an idea.

matt dildy

state of Texas licensed landscape irrigator #7717


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Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 7:10pm

i would love that,i got some pics to show.


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Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 8:56pm

there's a professional forum on another site that has years and years of hack pictures

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