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Monday, July 18th 2011, 5:35pm

SmartLine SL1600 Automatic Timers Not Working

Weathermatic SL1600. Automatic Timers don't work. I have system set to come on Monday's and Thursday's at 4:00 AM, nothing happens on those days. I've verified my system is set to the correct date and time. I can manually activate the system. I've unplugged and reset the controller without success. Any ideas?


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Monday, July 18th 2011, 6:39pm

jeeze,if thats the new clock thats mounted in our local supply house,which it looks like there is. i only have a few general ideas.

-First,im sure there is an actual way to reset it,find out and try it.

-Second there could be an interval watering set up for 1 day a month or somthing that you wouldnt really notice

-Third could be set on some setting for a rain sensor or master valve,you could have both or neither and that could be an issue

-Fourth you could have the program you want to run on the wrong program/s A,B,C or somthing like that. with days to water on B,but no start times or anything else.

-Im sure there is an internal lithium ion battery in that clock,where if you dont use the factory reset sequence,it might not fully reset it.

- There could possibly be somthing wrong with the common wire in the field,or it could be cut somwhere,its slightly possible

-If everything worked and now it doesnt with a new clock installed,i dont need to tell you that it is most likely a simple programming error

- I have played with that clock at the supply house,it seemed to have all kinds of crazy features,if its the same one which it looks like it is. If its got a 9v and a removable power strip like hunter PRO C's purple ribbon,the battery is pretty much there so that you can remotely program the clock by just removing the faceplate,and save some info a bit longer, if you can remove your faceplate
Sit down with IT with the manual,and just check all your settings,if that doesnt work,call up the manufacturer Good Luck. thats all i can say as i'm completely unfamiliar with that model controller

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Tuesday, July 19th 2011, 12:26am

99% it's user error.. Read your manual and follow it 1 step at a time

This happens all the time for me.. I review the programming and correct it. I then create a dummy program and set all zones for 1 minute to make sure it's working properly.

Edit your time/date and create a start time/ run time 2 minutes after your time and date.. See if it comes on.

If not - it's possible the controller is bad? swap the faceplate out

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