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Tuesday, July 5th 2011, 2:07pm

Micro Tubing

I have 1/4 in tubing feeding 3 ft wide planters. There are 3 emitters in each planter ( 1/2 gph).
I want a more even flow distribution and have looked into micro-tubing. Emitter specs are hard to find The best I have been able to find is 1 gph with emitters every 18 inches.

Does anyone know of a product with emitters about every 6 inches ; rated at 1/4 gph?

Please feel free to respond via email 8)


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Tuesday, July 5th 2011, 2:27pm

one liter per hour, you can find, but you buy it a hundred feet at a time, to get some less popular emitter spacing - and it is 1/2-inch tubing, not 1/4-inch

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