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Monday, June 20th 2011, 9:35pm

Help with odd wiring issue

Hello Everyone,

Great forum! I've got a bit of an odd one here.

I was running my sprinklers and everything was working fine, then suddenly poof the water shut off and the heads retracted. I went to the timer and it was still calling for water. I checked the voltage on to the zone that's currently on and got a 26VAC. Tried having the timer fire other zones, no sucess.

Here's where it gets a bit odd for me. I check the other zones that are not currently being called, and I'm seeing 26VAC to each of them as well. I pull the power to the timer and begin continuity checks, no shorts from common to any zone. I pull the wires to all four zones from the timer and check them against each other for continuity. I was a bit supprised to find contunity (~56 ohms) between each of the four zones.

Before I begin digging up the back yard, I wanted to see if anyone could explain if I've misunderstood or overlooked something in my troubleshooting.

Note: around 2 years ago I did rewire the valves for a similar problem, and it ended up being a broken common wire. However this time is different because I'm not sure how I could be seeing continuity between each of the four wires that go to four different solenoids.

Any help would be appreciated! Feel free to e-mail.

-Chris (


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Tuesday, June 21st 2011, 8:32am

Of course there is continuity between the various output terminals of a controller, at least those connected to valves. The resistance readings would show two solenoids in series. Output to solenoid to common to solenoid to output.

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