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Saturday, June 11th 2011, 1:02am

existing sprinkler to drip line adapter help?

I have a hanging basket attached to a fence post I want to run a drip line up to from an existing sprinkler system. Below the hanging basket is a sprinkler head that waters the lawn. The sprinkler head and line running into the sprinkler head are 3/4". I found a 1/2" fitting that has a 1/4" barb T'd off but I have not been able to find a 3/4" version of the same thing.
What is the best way to run a single drip line up from my existing sprinkler system?
I'm a noob to home ownership and any help would be appreciated!
I attached a picture below of the existing sprinkler head but due to size upload restrictions the picture is small.


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Saturday, June 11th 2011, 6:54am

simply work with what you have - the photo isn't clear (use imageshack to upload) ~ if the head is on swing tubing, get a tee fitting for swing pipe. Then you can feed a proper drip adapter, like the Rainbird 1800 Retro, and then you can run drip tubing.

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