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Monday, May 16th 2011, 8:52am

Sprinkler head pops up very low flow (HELP!!!)

I have a sprinkler head that will pop up, however the flow coming out of it is minimal. I took the sprinkler off of the feed line and turned that zone back on. Water was barely bubbling out of the pipe. What i think is the next head in line is reciving zero flow. All other heads in the zone are working normally.

Before i start digging to follow the line i want to make sure that is the correct thing to do. I believe that these 2 heads have to tee together somewhere and i either have a blockage or a kinked/broken line.

If i have to dig to follow the line what is the best way to follow the line first of all and second how do i find the blockage if that is the case?

Please help i am at my wits end.

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Tuesday, May 17th 2011, 5:33pm

Flow problems

If you have flow problems, there are several reasons. I can discuss this further, and quickly resolve the issue for you. i like to 'wind down' in the evenings, so please call our offices at 513-779-6850. no charge, just love to chat about the business. Ask for Doug

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