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Monday, April 25th 2011, 2:38pm

Threaded male adapter into control valve

I have a bit of a complicated manifold that has one water line in splitting into 2 zones, each with a contol valve. The connections from the 3/4 line in to each valve uses a threaded male 3/4" adapter. The first time I built this, I tightened this adapter into the valve slightly more than hand tight. Unfortunately both valves leak (a couple of drops per minute). Should I use teflon tape on the threads of the adapter and how tight should I make the adapter-valve connection?


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Monday, April 25th 2011, 4:57pm

Of course you have to seal the threaded connections on all the pressure plumbing on a sprinkler system.


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Monday, April 25th 2011, 6:22pm

Thanks, do you prefer teflon to a plastic thread pipe joint compound? I have never "sealed" a threaded sprinkler head; do you usually tape these as well?



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Monday, April 25th 2011, 9:28pm

ALWAYS use teflon tape with sprinkler valves. Pipe dope can clog up the ports of the valve. I don't know which valve you have but I use between 2 and 6 wraps depending on the valve. I used to use 8 wraps on the Irritrol 2711APR but I'm down to 6. My work doesn't leak. Make sure it's snug.

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