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Friday, March 25th 2011, 7:58am

Broken pipe under patio slab

Is there an easy way to replace/repair a broken 1" PVC pipe that is under a patio slab. The pipe exits a wall so I could "pull" it out that way. The break (I'm guessing) is about 15' under but...right next to an 3-4' circular opening for a tree. The break I estimate is a few feet under the slab. I gues the idea I have is to attach a new pipe to the broken pipe and hopefully pull/slide it out. As one comes out the new pipoe replaces it. I am guessing this won't be easy and figure I may have to tap/hammer one end and pull from the other. I only have two sprinkler heads on the end of that run so I was even thinking I could go to a 3/4" replacement pipe if I had to. I would however like to replace with the same 1" pipe. Questions are: Is this even possible? What are the tricks to doing this? ANY guidance or assistance is truly appreciated. Thanks.


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Friday, March 25th 2011, 9:47pm

I'm sorry but your idea simply won't work, your hole would collapse and you probably wouldn't even be able to move the pipe. Depending on soil quality. when I pound a bar through a 5' walkway.. This can be the most labor intensive part of my job and can be extremely hard.

What you could do though is since it's only 2 heasd, as you say. You don't need more then a 1/2" pipe to supply these head adequately. If The line is straight under the patio slab you could Cut the pipe as the pipe enters the, then stick a 1/2 pipe through the 1" and use the 1" as as sleeve. You May get caught up on a fitting or 2, but spend a few min and you can get them through. Stick a 1/2" Slip cap at the end of the pipe to round out the edges

What I would do first though is dig up this circular opening and confirm this is the end of the run and the pipe doesn't continue through. Also there may be a 'Tee' under the patio that continues your lateral elsewhere ( Yah never know!)

There are other ways too, such as water jetting a new line, or having a company come in and mole/ torpedo a hole for you.

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