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Tuesday, March 22nd 2011, 2:11pm

Pump does not work?

I am a new homeowner who has no clue of how a sprinkler system works, neither my husband....
The house we bought had the sprinkler system already installed, but the motor was not working. We bought a new WEB 2hp motor and hooked it up. My husband primed the pump and we started the system. The motor runs but the pump does not. The motor gets hot and no water comes out. We are connected to a city well. What should we look for? :love:


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Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:01am

sounds like there is a shut off prior to the pump that is shut off

if your connected to a city well. You should be getting continual flow on the inlet side of the pump.. When you replaced the pump did you get any water coming out?

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