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Tuesday, March 8th 2011, 5:06pm

maximum length of wire to opperate a valve

I was curious to know how long you can run 18 gauge wire and still have enough voltage to opperate a valve? 16 and 14 too if you know.

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Tuesday, March 8th 2011, 6:07pm

2000' is pushing it with 18awg multistrand. Not sure about the other gauges.

Voltage Loss= (10.4 x Length x Amps) / Circular Mills of Wire (1680 for 18awg)

I don't use any voltage loss greater than 4.5V

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Wednesday, March 9th 2011, 7:43am

Back in the day, I wouldn't even go much beyond 500 feet for 18 gauge, with tables giving about 800 feet max for 18 gauge. If only the common wire is upsized, that still greatly extends the total run available.

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