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Monday, October 18th 2010, 10:11am

Sprinkler won't turn on

My sprinkler (Hunter) control box seems to be working fine, but the sprinklers don't turn on. I have reset the program and run the test to make sure that there are no shorts in any of the stations. What do I need to do next to figure out why it is not working. Someone was doing some work in my yard and they messed up the sprinkler system. He had his sprinkler guy come out and check it out, but it only worked one time since.


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Tuesday, October 19th 2010, 8:37am

Make sure all wires are connected at the controller. If so, chances are that the wires may have been cut. It is a matter of checking the area where the digging was done, repair any cut wires using direct bury wire connectors, :thumbsup:

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