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Monday, June 14th 2010, 7:43pm

Hunter Valve leak, difficulty adjusting rotor and spray heads.........

I just installed a new hunter sprinkler system and one of the valves is leaking where it screws onto the manifold. I understand that you do not want to overtighten this but it leaks no matter what I do with it. Also, I am having a difficult time adjusting my rotor and spray heads. Some of the rotors are just spraying too far, I was hoping I could adjust them down to the 15ft. I have the 2.0 flow rate nozzles in, would the 1.5 cut the distance down? In a few words, can you explain how to adjust the spray heads? I understand the easy arc adjustment but I am not getting the radius adjustment to work. Pls advise





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Monday, June 14th 2010, 11:00pm

Yes using a smaller nozzle will affect the distance.

Did you use male adapters on this job where the leak is? I had a problem with Spears male adapters.

I had to make three free service calls recently from their latest design leaking. I talked to a Spears representative about the problem. I'm not the only one to complain to them. He gave me the old part numbers and I bought 6 boxes.


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Monday, June 14th 2010, 11:15pm

Thanks, I will replace the nozzles. On the valve, I added some Rectorseal, tightened it a bit more and the leak stopped. I also found that I was adjusting the wrong area for the arc and, once I figured this out, the length of spray is much better. I still need to work on the spray arc on the spray heads!


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Sunday, September 5th 2010, 11:12am

Me toooooo.....

I just bought and installed a Hunter ICV-101G valve to replace a cracked Toro valve in my system. I put several wraps of teflon on the thread, wrangled the valve into place, let the glue on the rest of the repair cure for a couple of hours, pressure tested, and was surprised to find drips on BOTH ends of the valve. @#%!@!!! I had to cut it out and redo the connections. The second time around, I used Rectorseal as well, and it worked like a champ. I've never had issues with threaded connections before, but lesson learned.

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