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Friday, September 3rd 2010, 3:36pm

leaking heads...

A few weeks ago, I disassembled nine of my valves, rinsed the valve seats, inspected the diaphragms, rinsed the covers and reassembled everything. For about a week or so, everything was just hunky-dory. THEN, our 22 year-old well pump failed and had to be replaced. Upon completion, my pressure tank for domestic water was drained until the water ran clear, as per pump repairmen's instructions. The very next day I noticed that head seepage which I seem to have corrected had started all over again. Moreover, I now had two or three MORE heads leaking. I opened the bleeder screw on each valve, let the water run for 20-30 seconds, and then shut it off. That seemed to have stopped the seepage for a day or so. However, it has started up again !

I have one zone that I rarely use, and it has a broken-off head in it. This one has neither been used NOR bled. Could dirty water from the well pump change still be in THIS section of piping, thus contaminating the rest of my valves ? Should I run this seldom-used zone just long enough to clear any possible contaminated water, and THEN disassemble my valves for cleaning and inspection ?

One more thing, though....There is yet ANOTHER zone with a cracked pop-up head body (not a rotator). Could this damaged head be letting AIR into the system, thus causing my seepage in the afore-mentioned valves ? Thanks, everybody ! Phil


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Friday, September 3rd 2010, 5:12pm

If the output from the well isn't filtered, you can expect valve problems. Pros don't wait for problems to show up. They would have a strainer catch any particles before they could get into the system.

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