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Wednesday, July 21st 2010, 11:55am

I have inquired 2 separate times and the rec was to replace.

It makes sense that professionals would suggest replacement...

For starters, controllers are relatively inexpensive compared to per/hr charges of trying to fix the existing equipment (i.e. likely not a huge savings between repair cost and replacement cost).

But then there's the issue of the unknown.
If a professional attempts to repair and fails, he's stuck in the catch-22 of needing to charge for his time to cover expenses, but having not accomplished anything for the customer. Plus, since it is an old unit, if something else goes wrong unrelated to the initial repairs, a homeowner might ask that the new repairs be done "under warranty" of any previous work the pro did.

So while it might make sense for a mechanic working on a $$$$$ piece of equipment to try various repairs to get you going, for an irrigation professional, working on a $$ to $$$ isn't work the risk.

On the other hand, if you try to repair it yourself, it will only cost you your time and the cost of the parts, and if you fail, that's all you're out, your time and cost of parts. If the cost of parts is much lower than the cost to replace, then it makes sense for you to try to fix it as a DIY project.

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