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paul b



Saturday, July 3rd 2010, 10:24am

rain dial rd-900 all valves show er fault

hi, i am currently having a problem and can't seem to get any assistance. at our football field the sprinkler system stopped working. all 9 valves are showing a fault. checked the fuse, tried to reset system, still no go. all the faults come back and the system is not working. any ideas on how to trouble shout this? i am assuming their is 1 common power or ground that is causing fault but have no idea where to start. need help asap as the grass is turning brown already :(


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Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 9:21am

I think you call in a professional. Absent that, you begin electrical testing of the system wiring, and you try to recall what work might have been done at the field location that could have damaged the wiring. Is there a rain detector in the circuit feeding the valves?

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