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Saturday, June 26th 2010, 1:43pm

My Toro system is working backwards

I have a 2 valve system and my 1" valve is working fine.I just installed a 2" valve Toro 252 Series Control Valve 2inch with Flow Contro and I am using a Toro Lawn Master 2 controller.

The 2" valve will only open when I turn the controller off.

I am running a common wire from the controller to 1 lead on each valve.

The other lead eithe goes to S1 or S2

Any ideas?


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Saturday, June 26th 2010, 5:55pm

maybe you installed the valve backwards


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Sunday, June 27th 2010, 10:19am

That was it!

maybe you installed the valve backwards

I wish there were arrows on this valve like on the 1" valves.No directions and toro's site was incomplete.

All working now Thanks for the reply.

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