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Friday, June 11th 2010, 8:56pm

TORO Sprinkler system worked last summer but will not come on this year.

I have a TORO sprinkler system. It worked fine last year but the sprinkler do not run this year on any of the 8 stations. I had someone come out and check it and if they attach this solenoid Activator to each station they run fine but they do not run connected to the Controller box. Also Station One always runs no matter which other station we try to run using the Solenoid Activator. The other issue that I have seen is that I had a Rain/Freeze sensor attached to the Sprinkler system a few years ago and the wires that connect it to the wire in the ground had been cut but these people connected these wires but in a very crude fashion. A) Given the above scenario is the Controller box bad (the sprinkler guy thought that it was ok but I am not so sure) or B) Are the split wires connecting the Rain sensor causing the whole system to not work. Thanks for the help. ?(


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Saturday, June 12th 2010, 6:36am

Get out your multimeter and start in measuring resistance of your wiring, so you know what is what.



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Saturday, June 12th 2010, 1:17pm

Could be the rain sensor itself. Try bypassing it and see what happens. Go look. It should be self-explanatory how to do it.

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