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Wednesday, May 26th 2010, 7:52am

Hunter pro c

I just turned the water on on my Hunter Pro c after having it off all winter. When I turn the sprinkler system on I see the image of the sprinkler show on the display but they aren't popping up?


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Thursday, May 27th 2010, 8:53am

Have you tried the basics?
1. Are ALL shutoff valves on? At a minimum, there should be a system valve that must be open, and your backflow preventer usually has shutoff valves on them as well. Typically, the handle for a shutoff valve must be turned so that the handle is parallel to the direction of water flow for it to be "on" (when the handle is perpendicular, it's like a wall, to stop the flow).
2. Will the zones come on if you try openning the control valve manually?
3. Is the controller properly plugged in with any fuses still in tact (I don't know about the Pro C specifically, but if a controller is on battery power, it might look like it's still functioning, but would not operate the zones because it doesn't have enough power, same goes if the fuse is blown, the fuse can be just for power to the valves and not affect the internal operation of the controller).


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Thursday, May 27th 2010, 1:55pm

Turn the water on, and know that it is on by manually opening a valve without using the controller. Make sure a rain detector isn't preventing operation.




Tuesday, June 8th 2010, 10:19pm

Shutting down a station

Anyone know how to shut down a specific STATION, while maintaining program settings?


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Wednesday, June 9th 2010, 10:01am

Can't be done - write down your settings, then reprogram the controller - it has been many years since controllers with separate switches for each zone have been sold, and if you could buy them today, they would be so expensive you would never spend the money.

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