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Saturday, June 5th 2010, 1:29pm

Controllers that work on monthly cycles?

I'm installing a sprinkler system in my back yard, to replace my hose and squirter (nice technical term). I've been watering deeply (about an inch of water each time) once a month during the summer (this is Southern Calif, and we get rain from about November to May, the rest of the year we're in desert conditions). I've been looking for a controller that will do the same thing for my new 4-zone in-ground system, but all the options at my local Home Depot offer a max of one cycle per week. I suppose I can water for shorter periods more often, but the grass has done fine with its one-a-month spritzing. Anybody seen a timer that will work on a monthly cycle?



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Saturday, June 5th 2010, 4:39pm

The Pro-C has up to a 31 day interval. This is an excellent controller.

The controller comes as a 3 station. You'll need an expansion module.

There's also an outdoor version.

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