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Thursday, May 27th 2010, 6:17am

toro sprinkler

I need to replace a toro rotor # 300-02 series. What do I replace it with?



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Thursday, May 27th 2010, 1:47pm

This sprinkler will be a good 1/2" taller than the old style.

The nozzle is adjustable. No need for 1-2-3 anymore.

If the sprinkler you have now is just leaking or not spraying properly you can just change the insert and nozzle.


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Thursday, May 27th 2010, 1:53pm

They still make the Toro 300 series. If you have an old head that stopped turning, you can actually replace the gear drive and put it back in service. The 340 as packaged with the 'Omni' nozzle isn't so good a match for the 02 nozzle, because it uses more water, even with the distance adjusted down to match the 02 nozzle.

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