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Friday, April 9th 2010, 5:36pm

Rain Dialplus 9, OPN display

On my 10 year old Rain Dialplus 9, I have 7 zones active. Now, no matter what I try with zone 1, 2 or 3, when I try to start water in those three zones I get a flashing OPN display. It was sort of sporatic last year, but now nothing. Is that a controller issue or a valve issue. Does 1 value control 3 zones? Just not sure where to



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Friday, April 9th 2010, 6:25pm

Page 4. Cut n paste the link.

Help with Electrical Problems: Rain Dial Plus will detect (during a watering cycle)

and display (after the cycle) a short circuit as “FUS” or an open circuit as “OPN” in

addition to the problem valve number. “OPN” also appears when a valve run time has

been scheduled but no valve is connected. In addition, if a Rain Sensor is connected

and has shut off watering due to rain, “OPN” may continue to be displayed even

though the rain has stopped and automatic watering has resumed. To clear the display,

simply press the
+ or [b]- Button while the function switch is in the [b]Run position.[/b][/b]

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