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Wednesday, March 10th 2010, 3:54pm

sprimkler valve not working

A week ago i started my watering system and it worked fine. but yesterday i turned it on and i did not have the usual water pressure and i went to the valve box that is below ground and when i opend it it looked like water had gone in and some dirt had washed into the wires and the valves and while looking the dirt looked back like something had burnt or the wires , so i turned the bonnet screw that is on top and it did not make a difference as the water presseure was the same , so i am not sure if its the solenoid or the spring inside . can someone help on giving me ideas on what to test or look for ?



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Thursday, March 11th 2010, 8:15pm

Hi, sounds like there's a couple of problems.
The black soil is from a very old leak. I equate it
to the soil at the bottom of a lake. Black n smelly. It can also turn the wires black. They're not burnt.
So number one you have a leak.
You need to dig that box up and clean it out. Look for a leaky valve or
a leak in the pipes.

Is there more than one valve in that box? Do all the valves exhibit low pressure?

The low pressure could be from the valve itself or possibly a break in the line.

You need to determine which then go from there.

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