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Sunday, May 3rd 2009, 11:15am

Wilkins question that got emailed to me sent the following ~
My 975 xl just dumps out water out the bottom vent. I replaced the ball valves today due to winter cracks. I cannot figure out why the water just pours out the bottom. Does it matter that one of the test cocks is not facing up? I could not get a tight fit and in order to do so it is off center and facing at 9:00. Otherwise I took the check covers off and nothing seemed amiss.

Personally, I don't look to do repairs on frozen RPZs, on account of the strong possibility that the brass castings may be warped.


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Saturday, January 16th 2010, 8:23pm

Wilkins 975XL

They installation should not matter. It sounds like you have a cracked seat on the #1 Check Valve. Or a faulty relief valve. Try to flow water through the backflow and see if it stops. If it stops leaking out the relief valve it is something in the #1 check valve.

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