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Monday, September 21st 2009, 12:04pm

anti-siphon valve in a box?

We're new at this, and I have a quick question. We're putting in a small, home sprinkler system, and we have a manifold with 3 valves (1 zone for grass, 2 for gardens), and a box that's big enough for them to comfortably go in. We have the anti-siphon valve to go between the house line, and the manifold, but does it have to be in the same box as the manifold, or in a box at all? Our yard is really flat, so having it 6 inches above the sprinkler heads isn't hard. Is putting a box over the anti-siphon valve just to keep it from getting bumped or exposed to the elements / kids? We'll drain it when it's winter (blow out the lines with an air compressor).

Tom in NM


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Monday, September 21st 2009, 1:07pm

YOU CAN NOT USE AN ANTI-SIPHON VALUE BEFORE A VALVE MANIFOLD. Anti-siphon valves are ONLY designed to be used at the valves in in manifold. When you use it as a master valve before the manifold, the valve might work, but the "Anti-siphon" component will NOT provide ANY anti-siphon protection.

If you do not want to use anti-siphon valves for the manifold, then you need to use a PVB (Pressure Vaccum Breaker) Back Flow Preventer between the water source and the valves such as this:

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