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Monday, May 18th 2009, 5:54am

New System


I want to put my own system in to water my fruit trees(apple, peach, and pare) and all my berry plants (rasberry,blueberrie.strawberry,grape) my trees and plants are set out in side by side rows 75' long and 12' apart for a total of 6 rows. My water source is 50gal/min +. From my pump to the middle forward start of the 6 rows is approx 250'. I figured i'd run one line to forward middle start of rows, than tee off left and right and than install other tees to run up the middle of each row to a pluged end. My water pressure is 60lbs to an adjustible 90lbs. I would like info on this system. I don't want the less expensive material , something around the avg will be fine. what size poly piping,sprinkler heads , what kind and how many,ect,ect. I know this is a large request but I was told this was where to ask.





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Wednesday, May 20th 2009, 12:33pm

I'm guessing that you're not getting many responces because you are talking about designing something that's a bit bigger than the average lawn irrigation system, and you are not asking a specific question (it's more of a "what's everything I need for this huge system?" sort of question).

I would suggest that you read the material available at Then come back here and aske specific questions.

BTW, there is a catagory specifically set aside for help with system designs.
But you've posted this design related question in the Misc catagory.

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