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Saturday, April 25th 2009, 12:02pm

Not sure what is wrong.

I recently bought a home which has a rainbird RC-1260Bi automatic sprinkler system. I know the system works because when I did the walk through everything was fine with the system. The bad thing is, I didn't bother to learn how the system works. I have a manual now and everything seems to be in order except......I don't know how to turn the water on to the system. Is there a value I need to look for? I did find what looks to be a off/on valve in the front yard. Also close by was what looks like some kind of backflow contraption. I turnd on the value I found in a hole in the yard. and no water. Any suggestions??


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Saturday, April 25th 2009, 9:12pm

Check the back-flow preventor itself. They should have shut off valves on either side of it. Obviously if any one of them is closed, you are not going to get water.

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