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Thursday, October 23rd 2008, 8:47am

Unit will not shut off water

I have a Richdel Model R406DLG. It was working properly until recently. Now when the timer goes through it's cycle it does not shut off the water at the end of the cycle, the last set of sprinkler heads stay on. Timer is working fine. What do I look for and how do I trouble shoot this problem.



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Thursday, October 23rd 2008, 10:24am


This is a common occurance with the controller in question. That little wheel, the one where you set how long each station will run. It gets out of adjustment and the last station stays on when the cycle is finished. Check to see if that wheel is in position between station number 6 and station number 1. When the cycle is finished turn that wheel clockwise til it clicks into position. That just might cure your problem. Here's a link.

Click on the first link. The PDF. Look at the picture where the #3 terminal is. See that black dot above it? That's where the wheel should click at between stations 6 and 1.

Good Luck!

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