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Sunday, June 15th 2008, 11:25am

1 min 14 fill 5 gall bucket........32 to 35 psi...

what can i do to install this system????????

will a booster pump help the gpm's?


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Sunday, June 15th 2008, 12:21pm

Before we have to spend money and go negative. Check your water meter and make sure it is open all the way. If there are any valves that are in the line at the entry to your house supply or entry to the house supply make sure they are open all the way. You can do this by opening a hose bib on the side of the house and closing the water meter. Then as you open it watch and listen to the spray so that you can be sure it is open all the way. This is the best way to do it if you don't have a pressure guage and don't want to buy one. There maybe other good ideas out there. this is a good start before extra design measures are needed.

Good Luck
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Monday, June 16th 2008, 6:05am

Property size? How much lawn are you watering?

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