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Sunday, October 14th 2007, 7:08pm

As far as an end all test to determine if your controller is bad or not would be a process of elimination which you've been doing. You've basically done everything except installing brand new modules or replacing the faceplate.
You've determined the wiring and the valves are ok by testing them on the base module. I inquired one time if I could buy just the base module. They told me no. But I don't believe anything 100% I hear at this Ewing branch. I've been mis-informed on many occasions.
You have the older style module. Those might be hard to find. I read once but don't quote me on this that after Oct. 2006 the Pro-C only uses the newer modules. The manufacturing date of your controller is in the battery compartment. Your best bet is to take the controller with you to an Irrigation supply store. Such as Ewing. They should test it for free. Unfortunetly your older modules wont work with a new Pro-C. From what you've described I'm betting you need a new controller. I was thinking you had the wrong modules but you said everything used to work. That's all I can do for you from here. One more thing. Maybe the controller is still under warranty. Good luck!
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Sunday, April 27th 2008, 8:39am

Hunter ICC 32 Station Controler

I have the Hunter ICC 32 Station Controler. We have waterfront property and the pump is on the boat dock. One rainy day I noticed that the water was shooting out of the pump when it shouldn't be running. It blew the union joint apart. while repairing the PVC I noticed the relay buzzing on and off at about 2 second intervals. When testing the controller I found the relay voltage cycling from 3 vdc to 8 vdc in the off position. On position was ok at 24 vdc. On cloudy overcast days the 8 vdc was enough to pull up the relay and with no stations open it would blow apart the pvc joints. I put a toggle switch on the hot side of the relay voltage to keep from constantly repairing pvc. Question is, how do I resolve my cycle problem? I think it is one of the timers on the mother board, but I cant tell which one, and I couldnt fix it if I could. Please Advise, Robb T.


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Sunday, April 27th 2008, 11:09am

1) Replace the controller, or send it back to Hunter for a repair. You don't mess with the circuitboard components.

2) Add a pressure relief valve to your pump outlet

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