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Saturday, August 23rd 2008, 5:35pm

Author: fvermillions

final solution applied...

I took lowvolumejeffs idea with a modification, I dug up enough pipe to allow some flexibility. I cut the pipe about 6" down stream from the valve. Then unthreaded the valve from the in flow pipe. I installed the new valve and threaded the out flow piece back on (piece that was cut), I then bought a PVC connector and removed the ridge in the middle of the connector - this took some work. I cleaned the pipes and prepped them for gluing. Then slide the connector all the way on one pipe - enough th...

Wednesday, August 20th 2008, 6:14pm

Author: fvermillions

Replacing a Hunter Flow control valve

I have an in line flow control valve. The pipes are threaded into both sides of the valve. The threaded adapter appears to be glued to the pipe..... Is there a trick to replacing the valve short of cutting the pvc pipe, then gluing them back ? I have an older system, so i cant find the guts to just replace that part.....