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Thursday, November 20th 2008, 1:27pm

Author: Big Dog

Hunter vs Rainbird Controller

I would go with a hunter pro-c it's easy to use and it is cheap

Monday, August 11th 2008, 3:25pm

Author: Big Dog

Just stopped turning

I agree with mrfixit, new timer, by the time to send it to be fixed you would probabily spend more then a new time will cost, and you still have an old timer

Monday, August 11th 2008, 3:21pm

Author: Big Dog


Pro flo parts are still available, but i've found that on old valves the new diaphrams cause the valve to leak out the threads

Wednesday, August 6th 2008, 6:02am

Author: Big Dog

Can I mix and match rotor/spray heads?

You may want to consider MP rotors on your spray heads, if you have at least 18' wide section in that zone you could use rotors and cap every other head, depending on the spacing of the spray heads

Tuesday, August 5th 2008, 1:33pm

Author: Big Dog

Do all spray heads have a uniform pattern?

Sounds like you need to add a head in the middle and reduce nozzles around peremeter

Tuesday, August 5th 2008, 1:29pm

Author: Big Dog

Manual to remote control

Last time I checked into it no one made a remote valve above 1", I had a 1 1/2 rainbird system and supply house told me that it wouldn't work

Tuesday, August 5th 2008, 6:27am

Author: Big Dog

Replacing Old Controller with new Hunter Pro-C - Compatability issues?

Only seen 1 valve that was not complatible, that was a 110v system, ever other valve has worked fine some were as old as 30 years old